Crazy accurate

With the rediculous resolution we can scan, both color and depth data is captured with crazy accuracy.

High resolution

10.000 pixels per 100cm isn't enough? How about 20.000 pixels per 100cm? More? We can do it!


Our automated process is built to scan 350x350cm samples. In the incredibly unlikely event that you'd need bigger, we can still make it happen!

Any surface

Almost, at least. Fabrics, wood, floors, stone, marble, plastic. Be sure we can accurately reproduce it in 3D.

Depth data

We don't only get the color data in our scans, we also get accurate depth data like Displacement and Normal maps.

"Feel it with your eyes"

Our scans are made in such high quality that the rendered result let's you accurately see what the surface would feel like to touch.

Let's compare!

Both images are rendered in the same scene with the exact same set-up and same shader settings.

Left: Our scan. Right: Same fabric scanned by a known company in San Francisco.

A little crazy

Accurate details

Yes, this is a rendered floor only using our high resolution texture scans with unbeatable quality and details.

Not only color

Depth data

When scanning our surfaces, we just don't photograph it. We scan the depth data, to get accurate digital representations of your materials. Albedo (color) and Normal maps (depth) included.

Feel it with your eyes

Touch it

Our scans are so detailed that one will understand what it feels like to touch only by looking at it.


Insane resolution and sample sizes

We can scan surfaces of up to 250x200 cm, or even bigger if absolutely necessary. And if 10.000px per 100cm is not enough, how about 20,000? Or 100,000?

Rediculous, but perfectly doable!


All of the images below are our renders made using our texture scans.


Have you realized that 3D visualisation is the most affordable way of making your marketing content, but maybe thought the quality wasn't good enough? I hope we've proven you wrong. Our scans (and visualisation services of course) is the definitve answer.

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