Digital assets are sold by Johannes Lindqvist trading as “Johannes Lindqvist”, “viz.guru”, “Polygon Supply”, “ArchvizScenes.com” or “JohannesL.se”, a sole proprietorship formed under the laws of the state of Sweden (“Supplier”). 
This is a legally binding agreement between the licensee (“Buyer”) and the Supplier. The “Buyer” refers to the purchasing entity, whether that is a natural person being at least 18 years of age, or a corporate entity. By purchasing, the Buyer approve and understand the terms of this license agreement. The Buyer purchases the right to use the digital assets, however the copyrights/immaterial properties will always remain in the ownership of the Supplier.

Personal License:

This is a single-seat license for individuals with less than $100,000 USD yearly revenue.

Team License:

This allows for up to 10 seats for members of your team, who are registered employees or contractors employed by your business. You also have less than $2,000,000 USD annual revenue.

Enterprise License:

For businesses that exceed 10 seats or $2,000,000 USD yearly revenue at the time of purchase.

Terms of use:

The Buyer may:
  • Use the digital asset with no further payments required.
  • Use the digital asset for an unlimited amount of times for personal and commercial projects. 
  • Modify the digital assets to fit its needs. 
The Buyer may NOT:
  • Redistribute, sell or transfer the digital asset or its license to any third party, in it’s original or modified form. 
  • Use the digital assets in any form of package where it could be extracted by a third party.
  • Falsely represent or imply to be the original creator of the assets. 
What about return policy?
  • Since all assets are digital, we can’t offer any return policy unless specifically agreed upon. If there would be technical or artistic issues with the asset and it therefore didn’t meet the expectations, the Seller may primarily offer an updated, improved version. If that would not be possible, refunding the purchase can be agreed upon individually.
If the Buyer wish to redistribute the assets in products such as models, scenes or packages, contact hej@johannesl.se, for an additional license. 
The Supplier reserves the right to update these terms without notice. Updated January 20, 2020.