Nearly 20 hours of video

In this almost 20 hour video course I'll be taking you with me through my process of making my interior renders. And basically nothing is left out.

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This course is made with 3Ds Max and FStorm. However, with some intermediete knowlegde of your softwares, you can with ease follow along using any software packages. The principles are all the same, you just need to know where the buttons are.

Other softwares used:

  • Marvelous Designer
  • GrowFX
  • Photoshop or Affinity Photo


With the package follows everything you need to follow along with the course. There is also a .max scene of the room (furniture and styling removed) prepared for FStorm for you to check out.

Scene can also be bought separately here.

Renders from the course

Covered topics

  • Interior design and propping

  • Asset management (model bank)

  • Plugins

  • etc…

  • The room

  • Floor

  • Kitchen

  • Facade for exterior view

  • etc…

Simple but powerful custom MaxScripts to help our workflow.

  • Oven

  • Clamped cables, cords etc.

  • GrowFX: Modeling and shading a plant

  • Marvelous designer: Modeling and simulation of a plaid with tassels, using MD and 3DsMax “Morpher”

  • etc…

  • Proper glass shaders, glass isn’t as simple as it sounds

  • Proper leaf shaders and custom displacement creation

  • Anisotropic metals

  • etc…

  • Marvelous Designer

  • Physics simulation done properly with MassFX

  • Two different kinds of lighting using HDRI’s

  • Some compositional rules

  • etc…

  • Rendertime optimization in FStorm

  • Memory optimization in FStorm

  • etc…

  • Retouching the images in both Affinity and Photoshop


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